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blasting/painting supervisor

Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
1 years
part time
3000 MYR month
more than 60 days ago
Supervisor Job Details

Supervise blasting/painting of two other workers.

Create weekly report of progress and any issues raised.

Order blasting abrasive and spare parts as and when required.
Supervisor skills required

1. Offshore experience minimum 1 year.

2. Available for 1 month on 1 month off rotation.

3. At least 3 years in industrial painting of which at least 1 year offshore in blasting and painting and shall be at least 6 months in Supervisory position.

4. Knowledge of safe practices of H.P. systems of blasting & painting in an offshore environment.

5. Minimum qualifications to comprise an approved trade apprenticeship a City and Guilds Advanced Craft Certificate in Industrial Painting or equivalent.

6. Comfortable using Microsoft Office Word/Excel on a PC, producing a weekly report of work carried out.

7. Self propelled, used to project planning and meeting timescales, ordering spare parts/blasting material as required.

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